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tv   Studio 1.0  Bloomberg  March 13, 2016 11:30am-12:01pm EDT

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>> the greatest abuse of a country i have seen financially, china. what they have done to us is the greatest single theft in the back.
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mark: that was from last month, donald trump ripping on one of his favorite targets, but it turns out a trump tower in new jersey is being funded largely by the government program that allows foreign investors mostly from china to skip ahead in the immigration line and get a visa in return for investments. totally legal, but if you spend your days and nights railing against china, it could be a problem. joining us now for the details is our investigative reporter. explain this visa program called eb5 and how it works. >> if you have half $1 million and you are seeking a green card, the u.s. has a program where, for qualified development projects, if you are willing to put a half million dollars into the project, you can get a two-year visa, and if everything
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works out in the project, you will get what amounts to permanent residency for you and your family. what has happened, the program has been around for about 25 years but has really started to take off in the last five or six years. developers love it because it has turned into basically a cheap form of financing for high-end real estate development. the folks that want the visas that are putting up half $1 million are not that interested in getting a return, they just want the green card. so what has happened the last few years, the government has given out tens of thousands of these is through this program, and in the last few years, is over mulally two people from china. last year, they gave out 10,000 visas, and 85% were from
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china. mark: so this program is being used in connection with a trump project in jersey. tell us about the project and the extent to which this program is being used for. >> a developer licensed the trump name and built a high-rise luxury condominium development called trump plaza residents, right on the water. incredible views of lower manhattan. two years ago, jerod kushner, who is married to ewald contract, and announced that they would be building a sister project, a nearly identical tower that will be luxury rentals. it would be called trump the street. for the last 20 years, donald trump has built very few buildings. he has built some, but his business is really licensing his name to other business developers. this is some version of that. we don't know the financial arrangement between him and his son-in-law, but he is using the trump name on the building that he is building.
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a corner of the financing is coming from the eb5 program. in other words, the team won out and found 100 people, i believe entirely from china, who each put in half $1 million, provided the loans to build the building. mark: a quarter of the financing of the building. given the politics of it, why take the money from china, is this the only place where this project can find in of investment to build? >> i think one of the reasons the program is very popular is because it is basically free money. the investors do not really want a return on their investment, they want the green card. where you may have to borrow from a bank 6% or 10%, with these investors, you can give them no return. so it is like getting a quarter
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of your financing with no return. the reason the program is of interest, the department of homeland security and gao have raised concerns about the inadequacy of the screening process, figuring out where the money is from. they are concerned the program enables money and laundering and could jeopardize national security. two years ago, there was a memo that charles grassley read on the floor of the senate raising these very distance. the gao followed up months ago with similar questions. mark: we said in the beginning there is nothing illegal about the program, and all the optics might be bad, trump could argue that this is just good business. he is getting into a project with his son-in-law that does not require much from them and does not require the same rate of return. >> that is true but he is raising money from a government program which all of government overseers see as troubled and could enable a lot of dirty money coming into the country. mark: could be. more due diligence. john: coming up, we check in
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with tim miller on his efforts to keep the republican nomination away from donald trump. ♪ john: if anyone is capable of
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stopping trump, perhaps it is our next guest, the former communications director for jeb bush, tim miller. good to see you. an important goal by yours and many others. tell me, right now, what are you
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doing today that is different from what you are doing yesterday to stop trump? >> we have expanded the number of states we are in. we have some new ads going up in ohio. it has been reported that everything he is outsourcing, the body wash, everything, all of it made in bangladesh, none of it made in ohio. letterman is featured in this ad. people should watch the video. he made the point in a comedic way. we are up there in ohio on outsourcing. we are also found in missouri, which is an important state next tuesday. we are talking about the testimonials of the trump university students that have been defrauded by donald trump, who pay $15,000 out of their own pocket, and got nothing from it.
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we are up in four. we just added one market here in florida. tampa, we have a brand-new ad talking about the trump tower tampa. you will be hearing about that. this is literally trump pretended he was a developer on this. he partnered with these d-list guys that build strip malls, they built an apartment complex, people put down $100,000, trump filed for bankruptcy, got away scott free, and these folks lost $100,000 of their own money. trump actually made money on the licensing rights of the apartment complex that never went up. >> [inaudible] >> no, not flying blind.
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that is part of the reason that we have talked about these markets. we have seen data that shows trump behind in illinois and missouri. >> who is ahead? >> sometimes he is up of you, sometimes down a few. our polls show marco. only five, which is different from the public data. we are going into markets where our data shows trump support falls off. mark: so if you only wins two of five. from a delegate story, that would be colossal. you say you are on tv in places where you are in striking distance, in position. >> yes, that's what i'm saying. mark: that is contrary to the narrative. >> tuesday is an important day,
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no doubt. no matter how it goes, it continues. if, like you say, he loses three or four states on tuesday, he is in real trouble. john: there is a split in parts of the republican party that are now committed to stopping trump, they split what the most plausible way to stop him is. one group would say rubio winning, kasich winning, going on to a divided field, holding trump under 1237 and then going to an open convention. others say let's get to cruz and trump as fast as possible. >> i think both of those pads are realistic. it goes against the conventional wisdom out there that trump is in really good shape right now. i think he is not. regardless of whether it is a one-on-one with cruz, or with kasich or rubio, it is very hard for him to get out to 1237.
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i think if the field consolidates quickly, there are a number of paths for him to lose the plurality of delegates, which means nobody would get to 1237. mark: you have a variety of messages you are testing out. let's say john kasich marco rubio, ted cruz are walking -- watching right now. >> i think they should raise in the debate tonight the issues about whether trump has been the most vulnerable but has not gotten much attention. trump leaving regular people holding the bag to enrich himself. underline his areas of strength. immigration, he cheated immigration laws bringing in foreign workers, instead of hiring american workers. that ties to trade, his outsourcing.
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going to those issues go at him from a position of strength. he is less having to defend importing foreign workers and outsourcing in the last five days between now and ohio and illinois, that would be a bad five days for him. john: three newsworthy controversies and whether they help or hurt him politically. saying that islam is at war with america. >> hurts over the long haul. john: people getting punched at trump rallies. >> hurts. john: [inaudible] >> the biggest reason it hurts, it had left the trouble with women. the fact that his campaign manager manhandled a female reporter -- john: allegedly. >> now, there is audio coming out today right as the incident happens.
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this problem is broader than that. remember megyn kelly. a new story about trump models where he imported 14-year-old girls and pay them slave labor. he has a problem with women. john: thank you for being here. mark: a peek inside republican heavyweights talking about, is there any way to stop donald trump? ♪ mark: mistakes in this election
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are really high, so last night on "the circus" we featured a dinner that mark mckinnon and i attended with some hardened veteran republicans of the establishment variety at a steakhouse in washington, d.c. on k street to get their takes on what exactly is happening with their party.
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>> everybody around this table that i know, we have been in every presidential campaign since 1980 in various degrees. trump's problem, you don't know what his compass is. >> how problematic is that for the future of the party? >> before it's all over, hugely problematic. >> people say, why don't you republicans do something about this guy? i'm sorry, this is not the soviet union. we cannot call a meeting and decide that trump is out. >> and we hate that. >> trump is doing well for one reason. he understands the climate and culture of america today better than anyone at this table. mark: how do you feel that the
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republican nominee could be something that you don't know? >> republicans. we are respective of authority, we fall in line. >> he is not articulate, poised, informed. all he has going for him is a lot of umph. why hasn't that hit home? here we are. >> everyone is buying into this he is inevitable and he cannot be stopped here and i believe he can be. >> what are you doing to stop him? >> we are working on it. >> we were ineffective in iowa, and that was enough to knock him into second. >> what is your role in that pac? >> not public record. >> which concerned you more,
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that he will lose the general, or how he would do as president? >> losing the election. what we are facing is a choice between hillary and -- >> vote for the least of two evils. >> are you sure trump would be a worse president than hillary? >> humpty dumpty will not come back together. >> that is the great dividing line, that question. >> i think he is inventory and -- authoritarian figure. deport 12 million people, build a wall along the border. it is so violative of everything i believe about america and the republican party. >> i travel around the world a lot and trump is a laughingstock. the world, whatever that is, is at peace with hillary clinton. >> the next president will decide the direction of the supreme court or the next four years. do you really want to give it to
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her? she is going to put up some lefty pinko. >> lefty pinko? what does that mean? >> i have never voted for anybody other than a republican in the united states. this will not be an easy thing. mark: that episode of "the circus" is on right now. john, what is your take on the establishment as we enter this new week and how they view the chances they have to stop trump or make peace with him? john: on the basis of everything i can tell, their chances have increased a little bit and they must be feeling happy, the money is flowing, there will be a bunch of ads trying to take trump out. what comes through in the scene is the dividing line in the establishment between those who are worried about what trump would do as the nominee and what he would be like as president.
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there are those that say we should try to stop trump at all costs, even if it means disinfecting voters because having him as a nominee could split the party in a way that could redefine the party in a way that could be damaging to the long-term interests of the republican party. mark: and a fair amount of regret in the establishment of the lie things -- how things have gone, why they did not move sooner to stop trump. just now for the last couple of weeks, they have been figuring out, is there a way to stop trump? you can imagine an effort in new hampshire, for example, that would allow an establishment candidate to do better in that state. john: especially if trump becomes the nominee, there will be a lot of looking back. is that -- if you think about that happening, back in september, october, november, it would have been a different kind of race.
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mark: the other thing that comes through, there is no denying that that is a group of very smart people who all happen to be older white men. that is representative of the establishment. they are aware that the country is seeing this race differently than they see it in a lot of fundamental ways, but they are still preachers of their habitat. john: and they have a long-term problem. whatever happens to donald trump, the kind of voter that propelled trump are now at the core of what the modern republican base is, and those people, as ron kaufman suggests, the people in that room do not understand very well. mark: tune in next week to see who is still standing after florida, north carolina, illinois voters head to the polls. john: you can stay up-to-date on and if you are in washington, d.c., you can catch us on the radio on 99.1 fm. until then, sayonara. ♪
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